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About Us

Our agency helps girls to meet a wealthy man for the further sale of virginity. Our clients are the most successful people around the world.

About Us

We help a lot of girls and do everything we can to make their dreams come true as soon as possible! Every human being would like to have a good work and get good wages! However finding a job is not always that easy. Our agency does help to find a good job and achieve all your goals.

Our agency also guarantees complete confidentiality and safety of personal information. Our agency will make maximum efforts to make your dream come true!

Sell your virginity and be happy!


You will get a hatful of money!

Money is the main part of our everyday life, there is no doubt. Therefore, our clients are successful and wealthy men who are ready to pay a large amount of money for getting to know you. The minimum price for the virginity starts at $ 10,000.


You can make your dream come true!

Dream is an event or condition that any person hopes for very much. People are ready to do everything to make their dreams come true, to achieve their goals. Have you got a dream? By selling your virginity and getting money for it you can make all your dreams come true whether it is buying an expensive car or an apartment wherever you want.


The opportunity to visit different countries!

Traveling is the most pleasant way to develop yourself, learn new things about the world, different cultures and yourself, relieve stress, get new skills and meet new people.
“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” - Aldous Huxley


Stop being dependent!

You will stop being dependent on your parents, boyfriend or other people. Self-realization is rapidly moving a person forward, helping him to develop and improve. Never stop, since energy of any of you is almost limitless.


The best date in your life!

An unforgettable date that you will remember forever! Pleasant atmosphere of the evening will make you being full of energy and positive emotions. These memories will stay with you for a long time!


Useful acquaintance with a successful person!

Thanks to us, You will find a wealthy man which will help you in your life. Meeting new people gives us new experience. Our life is often full of routine and boredom, so it is good to get something new by meeting new people.

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Girl who sold her virginity


There is no limit on the final price!

Using our site you have an opportunity to conduct a virginity auction. Only trusted clients take part in auctions. The price is fixed only by you, there are no restrictions. Be it $ 10,000 or
$ 1,000,000. We guarantee complete confidentiality for all participants.





Feedbacks from our girls

We guarantee complete confidentiality and an individual approach for each girl



Being a student in my time is not easy

"Today I have got maximum pleasure from the first night after getting acquainted on this site"


After getting acquainted with a man on the site, I do not need to work anymore

"I found the «first -love-agency» site and my life changed completely"


Money does not grow on trees

"My friend has persuaded me to sell my virginity. I did it and did not regret"



I was able to pay for my university studies (a student)

"I could not find money for the study, and the "first-love-agency" helped me"

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